The Path of Silence

Man on mountain edge at twilight

This video has extracts from the book The Path of Silence by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. We all need silence. We particularly need the silence of nature, for it is in nature that we have our roots. Sometimes, when you are alone in a forest or up in the mountains, you feel as though you were being carried back into a distant past…into an era in which human beings were in communion with the forces and the spirits of nature. And if the call of a bird or the sound of a waterfall is heard, it is as though these very …

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Creative Power of a Mother’s Love- video

Creative power of a mother's love

This video, with extracts offering advice from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, is for new mothers and those expecting a baby. ‘If you are expecting a baby, it’s important you’re aware of the power you have to influence this child…even before it is born. For, in its mother’s womb, a child is already a being endowed with consciousness of a kind. So the mother can relate with her child and have an influence over it. It is not enough to love your child before its birth, you must learn how to use the power of this love. By thinking of her child, …

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Video- Nature has a heart…the oceans

sun rising over calm ocean

We have a heart, but nature also has a heart, or at least the equivalent of our heart – the oceans. Nature offers its heart, it exposes it to the sun’s rays and says: ‘My Lord, I give you my heart, my blood. Use it so that plants, animals and human beings may all live in plenty.’The sun takes some of this blood and raises it up to fill it with spiritual gifts. And when this blood falls to earth as rain, all beings receive its blessings. Every day, spiritualists repeat this gift of the ocean to the sun. Every …

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This quote on the wonderful forces of renewal that are available to us at Springtime is part of the text in the video published here: You are waiting for me to speak to you…but Nature has already said it all!  Can you see that a tremendous event is taking place all around you? Yes, you can feel that a new wave from the cosmic ocean is breaking and in a short while the whole earth will be newly arrayed with flowers, trees and birds. What splendid attire! It is the most extraordinary phenomenon of life, this regeneration and renewal…For the …

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The deer in the heart- Anahata chakra

A few months ago I was meditating in the Ashdown forest with some others disciples of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. It was just before dawn, I was waiting for the sun to rise when I noticed a couple of deer a few metres away.  It was a magical experience- I stayed absolutely still and watched them from a distance. They stared back at me for several seconds before taking off in leaps through the trees. I felt  there had been some sort of communication between us. A few weeks later I was walking alone in the forest and again I saw …

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Mystery of the Rose-The Path of True Love

pink rose bush

In extracts of the video below, the master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov speaks of how a single rose, or even a petal can lead us on the path of true love- a love that is pure, subtle and luminous. By gazing at a rose we are linked to the Sephira Netzach on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, a spiritual region of love, tenderness and beauty, associated with the planet Venus. The video is composed of several Daily Meditations on the theme of roses- This is one of them: According to one tradition, roses are entities, which come from the planet Venus …

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Tune to the harmony and peace of nature

Pink rose close-up

If you want invisible beings to visit your soul and to help, protect and transform you, then strive to create a pure atmosphere free of all disharmony. It is only in the midst of love, beauty, purity and light that great changes can take place within you.When you are in a forest, near a spring or by a lake, be still for a while; let the silence, freshness and purity penetrate you. And as you listen to the water and the birds sing, when you hear the rustling of leaves and gaze at the stars in the night sky, abandon …

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Onwards and upwards

“Now that you have committed to the path of light, you must keep walking without wondering when you will reach the end. One by one, all obstacles give way before those who do not stop en route, for they have set the powerful laws of life in motion. Spiritual life is like climbing a high mountain. On these arduous, steep paths, it is inevitable that you will go through moments of weakness and discouragement, and you may even take a tumble, but this is no reason to stop”. Every so often you may even have the sensation that you are …

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All in nature is light

Many clairvoyants and mystics have perceived that everything we see around us in the natural world is actually composed of light. Here, the master describes an extraordinary experience: “Jacob Boehme, the great German mystic, earned his living as a cobbler. Suddenly one day he saw everything in a light so brilliant he could not bear it. Everything he laid eyes on seemed to be lit from within. No doubt he had earned that privilege in an earlier life! In a panic he ran out of his house and fled into the countryside, but there it was stronger still: everything, the …

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The New Year

The Cabbalah teaches that each day is a living, sentient being which bears the record of all our physical and psychic acts. You might say that the 365 days of the year are like a magnetic tape on which each day, with all that it has brought of good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, is recorded. Each separate year of our lives is like a separate tape recording. The New Year is new and yet, at the same time, it is already old, aged by all that each one of us has already gone through in our lives. The new year is …

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A Meditation for New Year’s Day

Hundreds of years ago a shepherd in the mountains, was absent-mindedly making a small furrow in the ground with his stick. But then came rain, snow, frost, wind, sun… and gradually the small furrow deepened and widened to become the bed of a torrent. This is only an image, but it shows us that the same phenomenon occurs with humans. Every thought, every feeling is like a furrow drawn in their own inner earth, and all psychic and spiritual forces operating in space contribute to digging and expanding it. A new year begins today… Is it not the time to …

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A long extract from ‘The New Year’

Today I would like to say a few words to you about the teaching handed down in the esoteric tradition concerning the first day of the New Year. And as the only kind of knowledge that really interests me is that which can be immediately useful, you can apply what I shall tell you to your own everyday lives. Most people celebrate New Year’s Day in night clubs, bars and dance-halls. They express their joy at the coming of the New Year by having parties and amusing themselves and indulging in all kinds of follies. And then they fritter away …

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Meditation for Christmas Eve, 2020

To celebrate Christmas is to prepare ourselves for the birth of the cosmic principle of Christ in our soul. For Christ, which is a cosmic principle, can be born within us just as it was born within Jesus.The birth of Jesus was undoubtedly an historic event of the utmost importance, but it was not necessary to insist so much on this event with the belief that it changed the course of history: the birth of a human being at one point in time does not change very much. If it was enough for Jesus to have been born two thousand …

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The mystical meaning of Christmas

Why do we celebrate Christmas at the beginning of Winter? The reply can be found in the book of nature. All life begins as a seed, a seed buried in the darkness of the earth or deep within a woman’s womb. Winter is the season when, in the seeds planted in the earth, the long work of germination takes place; and this work ends in springtime, when a multitude of new existences burst into life. An identical work takes place in the psyche of each human being: in the dark earth, representing his lower nature, the seed of the divine …

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Christmas Day Meditation 2021

“The birth of Jesus was a historical event of major importance. But if all that was needed was for Jesus to be born two thousand years ago, why has the kingdom of God not yet come on earth? Wars, misfortunes, illness – all that should have disappeared… True disciples know that the Christ is born into the world on Christmas eve in the form of light, warmth and life, and they prepare the right conditions for the divine Child to also be born within themselves. Yes, we can read the story of the birth of Jesus and sing  ‘The Christ …

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God of mountains- on prayer and mountain summits

Woman looking at mountain range

In order to escape from the dust of the mind and the mists of the heart, we have to rise above the astral and mental planes and reach the casual plane. This is why, in your meditations and prayers, you should always try to rise, to rise very high, as high as possible. In fact, why not use your imagination and picture yourself scaling a mountain?  The picture in your mind will lead you to another mountain, the one inside you, and when you reach the top, the casual plane, you will find so many more ways open to you …

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From dinosaur to bird- how to take flight

An eagle flying towards golden sun

In this text from the books of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, he talks about how birds can inspire us to overcome the anxieties that weigh us down. They know how to take flight when faced with danger. We can escape psychic dangers such as depression and anxiety by taking refuge in prayer meditation, music and other spiritual methods. The text is used in the video From dinosaur to bird, an evolution towards flight which you can view on Youtube Unbelievable as it may sound, dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. How can we interpret this evolution. Perhaps among these reptiles there …

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Queen Elizabeth II -Spiritual meaning of royalty

Queen Elisabeth II coronation

The master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov spoke on several occasions on the spiritual meaning of royalty and the symbolism of objects associated with kings and queens, such as the crown. the orb and sceptre. The sudden death of the queen has affected so many people all over the world- sometimes in ways that they did not expect. So, in honour of a woman who embodied noble values and virtues so well during her 70 years on the throne, here are a couple of Daily Meditations from the master: ‘Regal power has the sceptre and orb for insignia. Whenever we see someone …

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The love of trees – video transcript

tree with golden rays of light shining through branches

I have published a new video called ‘The Love of Trees, a walk through the woods with Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.’ It centres around a beautifully moving text where the master talks very intimately about his love for trees and why he always tries to visit a forest whenever he travels to a new country. Unfortunately, many human beings greatly under-estimate the role played by trees for our life on earth. As someone who has always been a tree lover, it is wonderful to read words of a master praising them and the invisible beings that animate them so eloquently. Here’s …

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Eat fire and drink light- video text

Here are two Daily Meditations from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on why meditating at sunrise can bring us great benefits, physical and spiritual. The quotes form the text for the video- Eat fire and drink light which is published on this site. It is also available to watch on the Words of Light YouTube channel here “You are at the sunrise: as you await the first ray, you are watchful and attentive, and when the first ray appears, you imagine that you are absorbing it, that you are swallowing it. In this way, you start to drink the sun. Instead of …

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Humanity’s divine lineage- God within

Mikhael Aivanhov in Switerland

Your entire future depends on your ability to recognise your divine lineage, to become conscious that God is within you, that the divine, universal Spirit lives in you and that you can therefore identify with it. But of course this exercise requires that you take certain precautions. First of all, your consciousness that the divinity dwells within you must be accompanied by the same consciousness that the divinity lives in all human beings as well. In this way, you will remain humble, simple, amiable, and open to others. What is more, in doing this exercise of identification, do not begin …

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Love is a spring- video text

river scene with rocks

A mountain spring bubbles from the ground and begins to flow. I love to sit by it and listen to its murmur. I watch it flow, I even talk to it and then I think of God who is the true spring, the source of all life. I remember that in human beings – created in his image – there is also a spring, buried deep inside them, waiting to bubble up and flow when the conditions are right. A spring always remains pure, it remains alive because it never ceases to flow not even for a second. Even if …

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Finding a soul mate- the evolution of sexuality

gazing gazing into each others eyes

This longer extract is related to the post ‘Meeting of souls-making love last’ and in it the master explains what we have to do in order to experience this divine form of love, the true meeting of Soul and Spirit. He outlines a whole process of spiritual evolution- from the  “male” and “female”  stage when we are driven solely by the biological need to satisfy our instincts, through the “brother and sister” stage where we begin to treat each other with much greater delicacy and respect. Eventually, we become capable of achieving the fusion of our souls and spirits in …

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Video-Love’s subtle exchanges

young couple gazing into each other's eyes with love

This is the full text of the video with extracts from Love and Sexuality and The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. The video is published on this site. Or you can view it on the YouTube channel. “Sometimes you meet a being to whom you feel immediately attracted. This person is like a vase filled with a precious essence that plunges you into a state of wonder. They inspire you, broaden your horizons and reveal the beauty of heaven and earth to you. Thank the Lord for having met this person, and if you want your …

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Summer Solstice: Secrets of Alchemy and Sublimation

“The traditional literature of all countries contains innumerable legends and accounts of mythological battles between the forces of light and darkness. On about June 21, with the Summer Solstice, we enter the period in which light triumphs over darkness, and a few days later on June 24th, we celebrate the feast of St John the Baptist. On that date it is customary to light fires that burn all night. The Summer Solstice is ruled by the Archangel Uriel who is an archangel of light: his name means ‘God is my light’. The feast of St John coincides with the moment …

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Participating in God’s work throughout all nature

sunrise over a field

God is always present in his creation, he continually supports it with his life and his love. And, at whatever level they may be, every human being can also participate in this divine work by striving to make the currents flowing in and around them converge toward the Source of life.Think about this in the morning when you attend the sunrise. Look at the sun, realizing that it never stops illuminating, warming and vivifying all creatures. It is the best symbol of the harmonization and purification work we must all do, and this work has beneficial consequences not only for …

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Video: Surya Yoga- sunrise meditation

people watching sunrise on a rock

Here is the text to the video Surya Yoga- meditative practices at sunrise: The master Omraam strongly recommended this type of meditation which is an ancient Vedic practice. You can view it on YouTube here: The sun is so much more than just a star shining in the sky. In the morning, when you see it appear and rise on the horizon, imagine that you rise with it. The vibrations of your entire being will gradually intensify. You will soon feel the sun enter you so deeply that you will no longer be able to distance yourself from it. …

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In service of a great idea

Life has meaning only to those who place themselves in service of a great idea: beauty, peace, justice, brotherhood, and so on. An idea is a living being that works on them: it shapes them and models them to the point that one day, they come to embody something of this world of perfection in their way of thinking and acting.Since an idea is a living being, it is endowed with specific qualities. So, the moment you work for it, you benefit from its wealth. Even if you have only one idea, despite all your weak points, this idea that …

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Peaceful silence of the stars

Milky way and large rock

This is the text by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov of the video published on the front page of this blog. It is from The Path of Silence, the chapter called Revelations of a starry sky. When I was young, in Bulgaria, I would sometimes climb up and spend the night at the top of Mount Mousalla. I would wrap myself up in several blankets and, stretching out on my back, gaze up at the starry sky. I’d try to link myself to the cosmic forces and entities of which the stars are only the physical aspect. I could not understand all …

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A luminous aura attracts all blessings

Celestial entities love the light, and when they catch sight of someone who is surrounded by this light which initiatic Science calls the aura, they rush towards them. If I ask you, ‘Do you really long for love, peace, health and beauty?’ you will all reply, ‘Oh, yes! We want nothing but this!’ So then, what are you doing to obtain them? All blessings cannot come to you simply by chance. The best way to attract them is to work on your aura: vivify it with your love, illuminate it with your wisdom, make it powerful with your strength of …

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Meditation for Springtime

You received so much this morning at sunrise, what is there left to add? I am here to interpret certain phenomena, to explain things to you, that is all…for the rest you must address yourself to the sun. Look at the work he does on all the little seeds that were fast asleep! He says, ‘What are you waiting for? It is time to give! Come on, get to work!’  ‘But we are too weak!’ ‘No,no. come on try! You will see, I will help you’, and the tiny seeds take courage. each day the sun warms them, caresses them, …

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The Spring Equinox- renewal

A lovely child with apple blossom

These extracts on the Spring Equinox are taken from the books Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition and the Splendour of Tiphareth and they are the text of the video published at the top of the Home page. The video can also be viewed on Youtube here: (The Spring Equinox) You are waiting for me to speak to you…but Nature has already said it all!  Can you see that a tremendous event is taking place all around you? Yes, you can feel that a new wave from the cosmic ocean is breaking and in a short while the …

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Raphael and the healing energies of Spring

The four seasons are placed under the influence of four archangels: Raphael presides over spring, Uriel over summer, Michael over autumn and Gabriel over winter. When the spring equinox is near, all the spirits and forces of nature work under the leadership of Raphael to bring life back to every part of the universe. This renewal in nature is synonymous for humans with regeneration and therefore also with healing. On the Tree of Life, Raphael is the archangel of the sephirah Hod, the region where cabbalists placed the planet Mercury. Furthermore, the attribute of the god Mercury (Hermes in Greek …

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Breathing, the universal ebb and flow

Man breathing

Everything breathes- trees, oceans, even stones… The earth is alive and it breathes; the stars too. Yes, they breathe in and out and the influence of their respiration is felt even here on earth…. Respiration can reveal great mysteries to you, but only when you accompany it with some mental work. As you breathe out, think that you are expanding to the very limits of the universe and then, as you breathe in again, you contract and withdraw into yourself, into your Self, that imperceptible point at the centre of an infinite circle. Again  you expand and again you contract… …

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The whirlpool- how to set the world in motion

whirlpool by rock

You are standing on the seashore creating a little whirlpool as you twirl a stick round and round in the water: gradually twigs, scraps of paper and bits of cork begin to spin in the current. If you persevere, there will soon be small boats then big ships and finally the whole world will be caught up in the movement. The etheric ocean in which we are immersed is like this liquid ocean, and by means of our thoughts, we are able to set the whole world in motion – provided that we never stop. But as we do not practise, …

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What’s wrong with modern societies?

Many people think that it does not matter whether or not you believe in God; what matters is to work for the good of society. Well they are wrong, for a society with no God inevitably degenerates after a while. If it has no centre, no sublime core around which to revolve, its members soon cease to be perfect social creatures, and greed, prejudice, and injustice creep in and corrupt. Every society that has not been solidly attached to a firm central axis has ended by being overcome and destroyed by the negative forces. When a society lives in the …

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Daily Meditation- New Year’s Day

Be careful how you spend the first day of the New Year, because this first day is as important for the rest of the year as the time of birth is for the rest of your life. The life of every human being is marked by the planetary influences at work at the time of their birth; the whole course of each life is contained in seed form from the beginning, which explains why horoscopes exist.On a smaller scale, the first day of a year bears within it the seed of the days to come. This is why you must …

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“My Father works, and I work also”

The earth in space with sun star

“Jesus said, ‘My Father works, and I work also.’ Even among Initiates, very few people can make such a statement. All most humans can say is ‘I do what I can’ or ‘It’s a struggle’ or ‘I wrack my brains’ or ‘I try but I never succeed’. Only those who have managed to raise themselves up to the divine Spirit to be impregnated by Him have earned the right to say, ‘I work’.‘My Father works, and I also work’ – in two thousand years, we have not yet plumbed the deeper meaning of these words. They have just remained there, …

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Two thoughts for New Year’s Eve

Write down on a piece of paper the things you most wish for in the way of your spiritual development, for the good of your friends, and for the whole world, and entrust them to the Angel of Fire. Fire is the messenger of the invisible world, and as soon as these papers are burned, entities on high start to take note of them and study them to see how they can grant your wishes. Of course, you must not expect immediate results, but if you are patient, if you continue to work towards the goals you have expressed, one …

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Mary and the Christ Child

“In his telling of the birth of Jesus, St Luke revealed the events that take place in the soul of every human being in the form of images. It is these symbolic images that I want to show you now. For the Christ Child to be born there must be parents, a father and a mother: the father, Joseph, is the mind, the spirit; the mother, Mary, is the heart, the soul. When the heart and soul are pure, then the Christ child is born, not of the mind and spirit, but of the Universal Soul, the Holy Spirit, in …

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Christmas- the birth of a new consciousness

“At Christmas, we celebrate the union of the soul and spirit. They unite to give birth to a seed which is the beginning of a new consciousness within us. This consciousness manifests as an inner light that dispels all darkness…as heat of such intensity that, even if the whole world abandons us, we never feel alone…as an abundant life that bursts forth wherever our feet take us. This consciousness is also accompanied by an influx of forces that we wish to consecrate to the edification and construction of the Kingdom of God, and at the same time by the extraordinary …

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One night in Bethlehem- a meditation for Christmas Eve

I have been thinking about why, out of all the angelic hierarchies, it was the archangel Gabriel that gave the good news to the shepherds. And why were the shepherds the first to hear the news? According to the master and the Jewish  Kabbala, Gabriel is the archangel governing the sephira Yesod. This sephira is linked to the moon and to the materialization of subtle energies, which is why it is also active in the germination of seeds and in child birth- the bringing of new life. Yesod is called ‘the foundation’ because it represents the essential  work of inner …

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Thought for Advent- on the flame of the Spirit

Christmas Candles- Advent

As advent begins, Christians all over the world will be lighting candles, and gazing at their flames-beautiful symbols of the Holy Spirit and the Christ. So specially for this season, here is an extract from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on the flame as a symbol of the divine spirit that lives within each of us: ‘A flame is something so fragile that the slightest breeze can extinguish it. But if you nourish a tiny flame it will become a great blaze, and the winds that once threatened its existence will fan it until it burns so fiercely that nothing can resist …

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Angel on the mountain- Gabriel and the Winter Solstice

Gabriel, whose name means ‘God is my strength’, is well-known to Jews, Christians and Muslims- It was Gabriel that dictated the Koran to Mohammed and announced the birth of Jesus to Mary. And in the Jewish Cabbala, Gabriel is the regent of Yesod, the Sephirah that corresponds to the Moon. He governs the cosmic forces that condense and concretize etheric substances into matter and was instrumental in the mystery of Jesus’ birth and of all births before and since, both physical and spiritual. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The moon is lined to the imagination and I would like to share a …

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Acheiving spiritual unity and brotherhood through prayer

When you meditate and pray intensely, you send out harmonious waves, and these waves go out to the world to reach men and women who open themselves to this idea of brotherhood for which we work. Yes, by the powerful and harmonious waves you emit, you send messages that are picked up by beings who are receptive and prepared for this. And without even knowing where this impetus comes from, they often make the resolution to work for peace and brotherhood in the world, for spreading the light, and working for the glory of God. Wherever they may be and …

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Meeting with angels of light

Whether you are alone in nature or in your room, you are in fact never alone; entities are part of your life. Those who work for the good are always encountering entities of light who rejoice with them and help them in difficult times by affording them glimpses of a way out of their problems, of solutions to them. Most of the time this happens unbeknown to them. But if they strive to become aware of these benevolent presences, they will benefit much more from them. How to draw these entities to you? With your love. Think as often as …

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Autumn and the Festival of St Michael

“The Archangel Mikhael presides over the Autumn Equinox which occurs on September 22nd. On this day, the sun inaugurates a new cycle as it enters Libra. Fruit and nuts fall from the trees and decompose, leaving their empty husks on the ground; grains are sorted and consumed or stored before being sown to ensure a new cycle of growth. But this process of decomposition and sorting is not something that concerns only the world of plants; it also concerns human beings. Just as the fruit separates from the tree and the seed or stone separates from the fruit, so the …

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What gives meaning to prayer?

photo of snow capped mountain during evening

We can only come into contact with God, the Cosmic Spirit, by coming into contact with the spirit within us, with our higher self. So when you pray to God, you are actually seeking to attain the summit of your being. And if you succeed, you will release a vibration which is so pure and subtle that its diffusion within you will produce the most beneficial transformations. And even if you fail to obtain what you have asked for in your prayers, at least you have gained a few very precious elements. What gives meaning to prayer? The effort you …

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Autumn gold

Why do alchemists describe the transformation of matter in the Great Work as a sequence of colours? Because they have observed this sequence in the world of vegetation. Think of fruit trees, for example: except for some nuances – for nature is rich in variety – they pass through a series of colours, and always in the same order. In winter, the trees are black and bare. In spring, they become white with flowers and green with leaves. Then comes summer, and the ripening fruits turn yellow and red. In autumn the foliage turns red and gold, and with red …

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The pyramid of light and the power of global prayer meetings

Inhabitants of the higher regions rejoice when they see hearths of light all over the earth. It gives them such joy and happiness. These little points of light are the bridge between heaven and earth. Without these links, without these centres, the earth would be invaded and annihilated by dark forces.  It is these luminous centres, radiating from all over the world, that sustains the souls of human beings, giving them what they need, their food, joy and happiness.  Today, I’ve decided to tell you a secret. What is an initiatic centre, with all its life and light, in reality? …

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Nature’s Universal Language-video text

Sun rising over mountains

If you want to communicate with nature, the very least you can do is to accept the idea that she is alive and intelligent. Most human beings behave as though nature were dead, and the result is that their own inner life vibrates less powerfully and with less intensity and their God-given faculties of perception and sensation are gradually paralysed. ‘What is the point’, they ask, ‘of trying to communicate with rocks, plants or the sun? They’re not alive.’ With this attitude they dull the edge of their own faculties and put themselves in a straight-jacket of their own making. …

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One with the limitless ocean

The limited cannot understand the limitless; so human beings, who are limited, cannot understand God, the limitless. Or, to be more precise, they cannot know him as long as they remain outside of him. They will only know him once they enter this immensity, merge with it and become part of it. As long as a drop of water is separate from the ocean, it cannot know the ocean, but when it returns to the ocean it can no longer be separated from it; the drop has become the ocean, it knows the ocean. You will say, ‘But humans exist …

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Prayer, the Universal Gift

This is the text of the video, Prayer, the Universe Gift, which I have published on this website. You can view it on the Words of Light YouTube channel here ‘Prayer is the greatest gift that God has given us.. When you pray, your prayer is like a seed; tiny and yet already equipped to grow and bear fruit.You pronounce certain words; you concentrate on a luminous image. And it’s like a cry for help that you’ve launched towards heaven. You need protection, you need help and you will only obtain this protection and help by linking yourself to the …

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Universal Spirit- video text

Here it the text of the video Universal Spirit. You can view it on YouTube here When  I arrive in a new town and see great crowds of people in the streets, I think of how these men and women each have their own life, their own history, their problems to resolve, their suffering and their loves… And of how there is a Being that sustains them all because it lives within them… Centre your thoughts on this Universal Spirit, on the heavenly Father who created us, who carries and sustains us and lives in all his creatures.  You will …

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The Cosmic Being that dwells within

Man watching sunrise from summit of mountain

We should understand the Lord exists right there within us, and at the same time remember that we are a part of him, an infinitesimal particle, that He is the whole and we are a particle of this whole. If you pray to the Lord thinking he is somewhere beyond the stars, how do you expect your prayer to reach Him? Yes, it is true that prayer travels throughout the universe; but it takes so long for it to cross infinite space! On the other hand, if the Lord is right here within you, all you have to do is …

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Building a lasting relationship

Loving young couple, gazing into each other's eyes

A love relationship only makes sense if you are able to build something solid and lasting with your partner. Look to see if there is harmony between you on three planes – physical, emotional and mental – or whether you are merely yielding to a passing infatuation and the lure of pleasure. If you have no affinity on the level of emotions, tastes and ideas, do not tell yourself that it does not matter, that things will eventually work out; they will not. On the contrary, as soon as the novelty of certain pleasures wears off, you will realize that …

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Working towards peace: three methods of helping humanity

Omraam Mikhael holding dove

Here are three simple but effective meditative methods of helping humanity from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: Send thoughts of light to heads of state If you want to help your country, you must touch the person in charge with thoughts of light, so that he or she may always be well inspired. You cannot help a whole country directly; it is too big. It is enough- and it is far easier- to help one person, just one. And this one person, in turn, will help everyone else, for much depends on the leader. If he or she can promote just laws …

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Participating in God’s work

God is always present in his creation, he continually supports it with his life and his love. And, at whatever level they may be, every human being can also participate in this divine work by striving to make the currents flowing in and around them converge toward the Source of life. Think about this in the morning when you attend the sunrise. Look at the sun, realizing that it never stops illuminating, warming and vivifying all creatures. It is the best symbol of the harmonization and purification work we must all do, and this work has beneficial consequences not only …

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How to use Mantra and sacred formulas

Sanskrit Om symbol

 A mantra, a sacred formula is like a mould that must be filled with intense life, that is to say, with love and faith. When a formula is spoken out loud, it sets in motion currents that rise through the heavenly hierarchies up to the throne of God. A formula must always be pronounced at least three times in order to reach the three worlds – physical, spiritual and divine. Tireless repetition of the same formula penetrates the depth of the subconscious where the roots of our being lie, and it is there, in the roots of our being, that we have …

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The enemy within- the lower nature

Deadly nightshade

Human beings’ lower nature is like an enemy who continues to destroy the good work they have done. Despite them seeking to transform their being into a land where vegetation will grow to nourish themselves as well as others, their lower nature strives to sow the seeds of poisonous plants in them: jealousy, pride, sensuality, greed, vanity, anger, and so on. And why does it so often succeed? Because humans are neither educated nor vigilant. Try to identify this inner enemy seeking to sneak through and sow weeds or even poisonous plants in you. By studying the methods it uses …

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Good Friday-sacrifice and the beauty of the new life

By accepting to die on the cross, Jesus made a sacrifice, and we must meditate on this in order to measure the grandeur of it, and to link ourselves to it through thought. But in the new life which the Christ is now proposing, it is not recommended that we dwell on the suffering of the cross, because the Christ also manifests through beauty, joy and light. In the new society, it is thoughts of the glory of Christ that must nourish our inner life. Heaven rejoices that we no longer kiss the ground and kneel beside graves, because there …

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Easter- the mystery of death and rebirth

‘If you do not die, you shall not live’, said Jesus. The idea of resurrection, then, is linked with death and disintegration. If the seed does not die, it prevents the manifestation of the power of life buried in it. In a human being, it is the lower self that must die to leave room for the Spirit, the divine principle, which is then free to act and transform everything… The secret of the resurrection is before our eyes in Nature, waiting for us to understand it and decide to die consciously so as to become a new being…… ‘If …

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Meditation for Easter Sunday- what is resurrection?

What is resurrection? It is the expression of a current of life passing through regions where illness and death had begun to set in physically or psychically. There are so many natural phenomena that can give us an idea of this process! Images of resurrection include not only the sprouting seed but also the chick hatching from its egg, particular animals waking from hibernation, the chrysalis transforming into a butterfly… And what about trees? They too come back to life in spring: all those black, bare branches become covered in leaves and flowers! That is also a resurrection. And why …

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Easter and the living book of nature

Christmas and Easter – the birth of Jesus which is celebrated in the beginning of winter, and his resurrection which is celebrated in the spring – represent two pages in the great Book of Nature. This idea may offend many Christians, but instead of being offended, it would be better to reflect on it. Those who fixed the dates of these feast days long ago were beings who possessed great knowledge of the relationship between nature and the human soul. They had meditated profoundly on the life of Jesus and his teaching and had understood that in his identification with …

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The magical powers of music

“While you listen to music, learn to work with it; use it to form a mental picture of all the things you wish for. You want so many things- and yet you do nothing to get them! Music gives you all possibilities and the very best conditions, for it creates an atmosphere that is like a strong wind filling your sails and driving your ship on towards a new world. Music is a powerful aid in making things come true. Instead of letting your mind wander aimlessly, fix it firmly on the most ardent  desires of your heart. If it …

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The patient persistence of a water drop

water dripping onto stones

Never stop trying, not even for a day. For however small your efforts may be, the secret to success lies in persistence and perseverance. If you pause you may even risk losing what you have already acquired. For matter possesses an immense power of resistance, of inertia. True success does not depend on making intense, exceptional efforts for a few moments but on the constant repetition of small, daily endeavours. Dripping water hollows out a stone. And yet, water is soft and stone is so hard! Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Related posts on perseverence: The brave heart of a snow drop

Universal Brotherhood in the Age of Aquarius

Aquarius - water pitcher

This article gives a general over-view of the ‘Aquarian’ teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. It was published in the Rainbow News magazine in New Zealand a decade ago and I am republishing it on this blog hoping that it will be of interest to some of you! SJJ The old Piscean age is fading into history to make way for a new age of Aquarius, the age of universal brotherhood.  Aquarius, the sign of universality and brotherly love, has been making it’s influence known for centuries now.  Under the influence of this constellation, a new note is being sounded.  The …

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Change is not achieved through violence

Omraam Mikhael holding dove

It is true that we live in a society in which a great many things need to be changed, but this must not be achieved through violence. Besides, true change is never wrought through violence, which always leads to greater evils than those it claims to cure. So, how can we bring about change in society? By our way of life. It is by first transforming themselves that human beings can change the whole world. But for this to happen, they need a teaching, that is to say, a system and methods. For this is the crux of the matter: …

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Breathing and the mystery of life

picture of woman breathing

All the mystery of life is contained in our breathing. But life is neither to be confused with the act of breathing nor with air itself. Life has its origins in an element higher than air and for which air is a food: fire. Yes, life originates in fire. Air serves only to feed this fire, and without the presence of air the fire goes out. The lungs merely feed the fire that burns in the heart. The primary cause of life, therefore, is fire, and air, its brother, sustains and enlivens it. When man breathes his last, the fire …

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Divine love – the greatest power there is

The Master Peter Deunov used to say, ‘If you nurture within yourself the idea of love in its most sublime form, you receive help from thousands upon thousands of loving souls, for love implies the collective work of a multitude of souls joined together by the idea of love. Divine love is the greatest power there is. Never doubt this truth, if you wish the souls working in its name to always remain close to you.’ These words deserve to be meditated upon, chewed over and digested, for they open up amazing horizons for us. Once we have arrived at …

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What does divine love feel like?

“The aim of spiritual life is to lead us to a higher state of consciousness we call divine love. For true love, the kind that draws us closer to God, is a state of consciousness. It is impossible to describe it, nor can it be explained to those who are not ready to experience it; all we can do is try to lead them to it gradually. Those who attain this state of consciousness feel inwardly linked to the whole universe. They are then like an instrument, the cords of which vibrate in unison with all that exists. They are …

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Expressing our true, divine nature

You should understand that you are divinities. Yes, divinities, and you live on a higher plane free of limitations, shadows and darkness, sorrow and suffering, in the midst of abundance and joy. Do you know what prevents you from manifesting the splendour of those higher regions here below? Your personality- in other words, your lower nature. Your personality is too unadaptable, too self-centred to capture the subtle messages from those regions… like a radio that cannot pick up all the stations. The waves and vibrations released by Cosmic Intelligence in the higher spheres are swift as lightning, and the matter …

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Let all around us be peace, love

Waterfall and flowing stream

Let the spring of love flow within you. Through your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, your words, let it gush forth over all the creatures and objects around you and beyond, on the trees, the mountains, the oceans. Even if you are by yourself, remember to utter words of peace, of hope and of joy for all human beings on earth, knowing that these words will have an effect somewhere, no matter where. You do not yet know what it is possible to achieve with love. And since we can only give to others what we possess ourselves, try first …

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Silence- experiencing a different time and space

Desert sands with clear blue sky

I find this Daily Meditation by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov particularly profound on the theme of inner silence. He explains how a deep experience of silence is able to awaken the primordial knowledge that we possess deep inside us: “How many travellers speak with wonder of experiences they have had in the desert or on a mountain summit! Faced with the immensity, imbued with the all-pervading silence, they had a revelation, they say, of a time and space different from human time and space. They sensed a presence which is beyond all explanation, but which they recognised without question as something …

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Thinking the Future-the Powers of Thought

Milford Sound Starry Night

Here is some spiritual guidance for the new year from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. The extract below is chapter two of ‘The Powers of Thought,’ published by Prosveta: The future, remote though it may be, holds the promise of a magnificent destiny for the whole world; the evolution of human beings is leading them closer and closer to the Godhead. You can have a taste of that extraordinary state of beauty, fulfilment and strength, and live in the reality of it in advance, by conjuring up a picture of it in your imagination. This is an extraordinarily effective exercise, capable of …

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The brave heart of a snowdrop

The snowdrop, which flowers toward the end of winter, announces the imminent arrival of spring. Study it: with what willpower and courage it commands the snow and the earth, ‘Let me through! I want to come up!’ And yet it is fragile, it has such tender, delicate petals, and the slightest thing can harm it. But the earth and the snow obey it, they make way for it, and it comes up and flowers. How does it make the earth open up? It possesses an irresistible force within the tiny stem that is starting to come up, and so it …

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Two Daily Meditations for New Year’s Day 2021

Here are two meditations for New Year’s Day, from the Daily Meditations. Hope they give you renewed hope after such a difficult year! Light is at the end of the tunnel! Happy New Year. May 2021 bring you all the blessings of light and divine love. SJJ This morning, you already speak of yesterday as ‘last year’. All day yesterday, until the very last second before midnight, in fact, until eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine seconds, it was still the old year. On the stroke of midnight, the New Year began.If you take the time to think about this, you will …

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Meditation New Year 2020

man standing on summit looking at the sun

Imagine that centuries ago, a shepherd in the mountains was idly tracing a small furrow in the ground with his staff. It was just a small furrow, but then came the rain, snow, frost, wind and sun, and little by little, this furrow grew deeper and wider until it turned into the bed of a torrent. What can we learn from this image? That the same phenomenon occurs with human beings. Every thought, every feeling is like a furrow drawn in our own inner earth, and all the psychic and spiritual forces circulating in space serve to make this furrow …

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Daily Meditation Christmas Eve

“Daily life is difficult, the source of much tension; in families, at work and in society, people have to hold so much of their energy in check just to be able to bear all the demands on them and to cope! And every now and then, these energies need to be released. Initiates understood this well. That is why, as far back as you can go, they instituted popular festivals at certain times of the year corresponding to specific configurations in astronomy. Even Christian festivals, for the most part, are simply relics of ancient pagan festivals in a different form …

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Etheric double imprints help form our habits

pastel picture of woman's face and brain

In our physical body, each of our organs’ cells has a memory-bearing etheric double. All of our cells, especially those making up the grey matter and white matter of our brain and solar plexus, record our actions, desires, feelings and thoughts. These recordings are kinds of negatives or imprints, and once etched, they tend to repeat themselves- this is how habits come to be. So if you want to replace old habits with new and better ones, you must change these imprints by striving to act according to the new orientation you wish to acquire. This requires constant vigilance, but …

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‘Praise be to God’- enter into the light of divine glory

Golden Autumn leaves in sunlight

Praise be to God… To understand what these words mean, it would be better for people to be less obsessed by human glories. So many naive and ignorant people think that God is like one of the many tyrannical and vain monarchs who expect people to worship their wealth, their qualities and their achievements and who are only satisfied if they appear greater than all those around them. God has no need for us to sing his praises, for nothing we might say of him could add anything to him. The entire universe and all the angelic hierarchies already sing …

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How to regenerate your cells

Brain x-ray with neurons

Disciples of Initiatic Science, through their thoughts, feelings and ideals, seek to bring about transformation to even the very heart of their own cells. They know that the billions of cells making up their physical body are home to small souls and that each one of them was given a specific activity. For a cell is not a simple particle of matter occupying any old place in the body. Each cell behaves like a worker who knows the work they must carry out in the part of the body where they are situated, and the smooth functioning of the whole …

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Love is a state of consciousness

Butterfly in blue sky

The higher form of love is a state of consciousness in which all beings must learn to live one day. This state of consciousness cannot be described, nor can it be explained to someone who is not ready to live it; all that can be done is to try to lead them there gradually. This state of consciousness allows a person to feel inwardly connected with the universe; they are then like an instrument vibrating in unison with all that exists, they feel a profound sense of peace and, above all, tremendous goodwill towards all beings. They do not know …

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Why is fire so beautiful?

“You have all watched a wood fire blazing in a hearth, but have you ever wondered exactly what happens to make all those dead, dark, twisted logs and branches so bright and beautiful? Isn’t it miraculous to see something that was so black being transformed into something so luminous? But you can do the same: whether you are at home in front of your own fireplace, or here, gathered round the Michaelmas fire at the Bonfin, you can use your imagination to burn your own dead branches- that is, all the instinctive tendencies of your animal nature. All that useless dead …

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Love for God encompasses everything

father and child by sea

It has been said ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ Yes, because this love for God encompasses everything: health, beauty, light, intelligence, power and freedom. If we love God with all our being, if we place God first, if we make daily efforts – three, four, ten times a day – to slip out of ourselves and melt into this immensity from which we derive life, happiness, strength and every blessing, we will understand that no creature deserves our love …

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Harmony and health – communicating with our cells

Photo: Human skin cells under microscope “The cells of our body are small intelligent souls. There is a whole population inside us, a population with which we can communicate and which it is our task to educate. Are you aware of it? No, or very rarely. This is why your cells do not obey you. You would like to improve the state of your liver, your stomach, your heart, your brain and so on, but you can’t – the cells of all those organs do not obey you. You don’t have any authority over them; they have a will of …

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The mystery of love-who are you, who am I?

close up of woman's beautiful eyes

Love- there is nothing that human beings need more, but there is also nothing that causes them so much doubt and confusion. One day, a young man came to visit me: he told me he was engaged to be married, he loved his fiancee and he was sure that she loved him back, but in spite of that he still asked himself certain questions. He had difficulty putting what he felt into words but in the end he said, ‘When I gaze into my fiancee’s eyes, I don’t really know who I’m looking at, and I don’t know who it …

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Deep breathing from the diaphragm- its spiritual benefits

Breathing head

You must realise that, in order to undertake spiritual work of any kind you must be sure that you eat and breathe harmoniously. The two processes are governed by the same laws. Just as it is bad to swallow your food without chewing it, it is bad, also, to breathe so rapidly that the air does not have time to expand your lungs and fill them right down to the bottom. You must draw deep, slow breaths and even, from time to time, hold the air in your lungs for a few seconds before breathing out again. Why? In order …

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Rhythmic breathing- the universal ebb and flow

‘Everything breathes- trees, oceans, even stones… The earth is alive and it breathes; the stars too. Yes, they breathe in and out and the influence of their respiration is felt even here on earth…. Respiration can reveal great mysteries to you, but only when you accompany it with some mental work. As you breathe out, think that you are expanding to the very limits of the universe and then, as you breathe in again, you contract and withdraw into yourself, into your Self, that imperceptible point at the centre of an infinite circle. Again  you expand and again you contract… …

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Creative Prayer- long extract from The Powers of Thought

Young woman in prayer

People have a great many misconceptions about prayer. They imagine that what counts are the words they use. No, very often your words fall short of the mark, they never manage to get up to heaven. Your mouth may murmur words, but you are not really praying if nothing vibrates within you. To be sure, the words you say are very important for the realisation of your prayer, but only if your desire and your thought are already powerful on the spiritual plane; if this is the case, then the words are like a signature which allows the forces on …

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A beam of sunlight- what is it in reality?

Turtle swimming in sunlight underwater

A beam of sunlight is really a flood of billions of particles, each one containing a fantastic amount of knowledge about the sun and its inhabitants. When you learn to receive these sunbeams and to understand and interpret their meaning, they will bring you not only the sun’s knowledge, but the sun’s love for all creatures, as well as its life and its strength. The majority of humans gain almost nothing from the sun because they are quite happy to look at it while thinking of other things. But its much better to learn about the nature of these rays …

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Breathe in Prana – respiration in the open air

Bench overlooking lake with trees

We should ideally do our morning gymnastic and breathing exercises every day in nature so as to benefit from the purest air possible, since it’s from the air that we can harness this precious quintessence the Indian yogis called prana. Prana is life energy that exists everywhere, in the earth, in water, air and fire, but it is mainly carried by the sun’s rays, and is most abundant in the early morning. Each particle of this prana is like a drop of crystalline water, a tiny, suspended sphere of light filled with a spiritual essence. And we can capture some …

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Yogic breathing

Breathing and its workings have been studied closely by yogis in India for many thousands of years and they have understood their importance for our vitality and also for the correct functioning of our mind. And since they researched the subject so thoroughly, they also discovered that all the rhythms in our body are related to cosmic rhythms. So, in order to make contact with certain entities or regions in the spiritual world, we need to find its specific rhythm and use it as we would a key. This is exactly what happens when we seek to tune into a …

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How to keep loved ones healthy

I know very many of us are deeply concerned about those close to us during the current pandemic and we want to do whatever we can to keep our loved ones healthy and happy. Of course, on the physical plane, I agree with medical authorities regarding hand- washing, social-distancing and self-isolation for those who are or could be affected. As a spiritualist, though, I believe that there are also things that we can do on the psychic, spiritual planes to help protect our own health and that of those we love. Even if there is no vaccine against the virus …

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Rise above your worries

Daily life never fails to present us all with occasions for being worried, sad or discouraged, does it? But you have to react. Rather than sit there and do nothing except swallow tablets and tire people out with your complaints, forgetting that they too face the same difficulties, try to work with your thoughts and your imagination. See yourself surrounded by light, imagine you are sending out love to the whole world, that you are overcoming every obstacle. Gradually those images you are forming will come alive, will have an effect on your consciousness, will transform you, and at the …

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Video:Meditate on light…

People think there is nothing they can do to help or improve humanity as a whole. Well, it might seem like an impossible task- it is certainly gigantic-but if you learn certain methods, you will see that all of a sudden it becomes possible…Try to imagine, for instance, that the whole of humanity is condensed into a single being, standing there by your side, and you hold the hand of this being and give them quantities of light and love. When you do this, some minute particles go out from your soul, and the love you give this one being reflects on every being in the world; they begin to  conceive nobler thoughts and desires in their heart.If hundreds and thousands of people on earth did this exercise, you would see the breath of a new, divine spirit in humanity, and without knowing how or why, they would one day wake up to find themselves completely transformed.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   A New Earth

This video today can be used as a guided meditation on light.

Inner silence opens the doors to divine consciousness

beautiful woman meditating

When you succeed in creating a state of inner silence, peace and light, you are able to reach, for a moment at least, the regions of your soul and spirit that you have carried within you since the very beginning. Most human beings are not even aware of these regions that are so difficult to attain in everyday life. For, just as they are unaware of what goes on in their subconscious, they are also oblivious to what goes on up on high, in heaven, in their spirit, and in their divine consciousness. For example, when you meditate on a …

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The Voice of Silence

“Silence, peace and harmony are all expressions of the same reality. Do not think that silence is empty and mute, no, silence is alive and vibrant, it speaks and sings. One day, thanks to contemplation, prayer and meditation, you will manage to hear the voice of silence. Once all the chaotic forces within you have finally subsided, silence will draw closer, it will spread all around you and enfold you in its marvelous mantle… You must understand that silence is the condition absolutely indispensable for the true Word, for true revelations. During silence, little by little, you begin to sense …

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Entering the silence

“We all need silence. We particularly need the silence of nature, for it is in nature that we have our roots. Sometimes, when you are alone in a forest or up in the mountains, you feel as though you were being carried back into a distant past, into an era in which human beings were in communion with the forces and the spirits of nature. And if the call of a bird or the sound of a waterfall is heard, it is as though these very sounds were part of the silence: rather than destroying it, they emphasize and contribute …

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Why meditate?

The master Omraam gave many original lectures on meditation and contemplation which I have found really useful in my own spiritual practice. The first one I am sharing focuses on the basic question of why we need to meditate if we want to make progress in our spiritual life: There are many different degrees to meditation. And we must understand that meditation is more than reflection. To meditate means to focus on a subject,  a quality or virtue, on something that you are either lacking, or wish to develop. But you will not have any desire to develop a particular …

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